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Frequently Asked Questions.


1. Do you sell to individuals?
Our products are sold wholesale but can be found on,, and at many nationwide retailers, including Northern Tools, MSC Industries, and TJ Maxx, to name a few.


2. The product I purchased is broken/not working properly. Could you
please send me a new one?

Although GRIP stands behind our products 100%, we follow the retailer’s purchase and return policy. The item purchased should be returned to the retailer within the amount of time outlined by the retailer, and most times with a receipt.


3. My tool broke while I was using it. Is there a warranty?
Some of our tools have a limited warranty. If your tool breaks outside of the timeframe to be returned to the store (see #2, above), please send the following information to a photo of your receipt, a photo of the product, your name, and a phone number.


4. How do I become a customer of GRIP?
Send an email to to request a New Customer Information Packet. After you complete and submit your information, one of our national sales reps will follow up with you to discuss the products that you’re interested in.


5. What kind of products do you sell?
Hand tools, air tools, items for camping, automotive, LED lights, tow straps, and general household items.