GRIP is Using Core Values to Build Their Culture

To make core values work, we have to know what they are, preach about them constantly, and use them to hire, fire, and reward our employees. Here’s our list that continues to grow…

  1. Be humbly confident.
  2. Grow or die!
  3. Help first.
  4. Do the right thing. Always.
  5. Do what you say. Keeping your promises builds trust.

“Help first” means three things:

  1. We are committed to providing value before receiving anything.
  2. We get what we want out of life by helping other people get what they want.
  3. We genuinely get satisfaction from helping people.

We can’t help at all if we don’t “Do the right thing,” which means:

  • We always behave as though our mothers were watching.
  • We believe no amount of money is worth betraying trust.
  • We want to help people do what is best for them, regardless of what’s in it for us.

These core values attract the right kind of people to the GRIP organization. They create an environment suffused with a sense of abundance and devoid of any sense of scarcity. Oh, we’re still competitive, and we all want to win; we just define winning differently. We win when our clients get what is best for them — whether it benefits us personally or not.

Being part of such a phenomenal culture is an exciting privilege, and it shows. When we live by our defined core values, our clients and prospects see it and love it. People enjoy working with companies that know who they are and what they are about. That is GRIP!