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At GRIP, your career path is important. We work hard to foster an exciting and challenging environment that encourages independent thinking, problem-solving, and growth. We offer a complete career path geared towards your success. Find out more today.


Sales Superstars Only!! Sales Reps earn $40K/year. Sales Superstars have unlimited earning potential!

Our sales team has the potential to make over $120,000. This is just the beginning because we are willing to pay well and you’ll see why true top producers can double that. We don’t care about your background as much as we do your SKILLS for sales. Young or old, if you have the stuff for sales we’ll know it. But don’t even respond unless you really have the stuff of greatness.

Does integrity define your character? Does excellence define your actions? If so, you’ll find a home here because our goal is to provide unparalleled integrity and competence throughout the entire purchasing process.

We have made a simple, yet profound decision to create happy clients. In fact, we have a mission statement that ensures we accomplish creating happy clients by promising:

  1. To honor God in all we do
  2. To help people develop
  3. To pursue excellence
  4. To grow profitably

Our journey is fully satisfying our customers’ requirements through a process of continuous improvement. It’s a long-term commitment aimed at continuously improving the way we work, providing a safe work environment, and managing our business processes and supplier selection. It is our goal to posture our company for market expansion, thereby providing improved job security and quality of life for all.

Beyond the fantastic culture of the honorable, family feel, and fulfilling work environment, the other obvious reason to read on is the opportunity itself.

There is an overwhelming number of qualified potential clients that we need to connect with. Trade shows have generated more warm and toasty leads than we can even keep up with, hence this advertisement for great sales talent. Plus, marketing innovation is never complete, so we’ll embrace your marketing prowess if it exists.

Most of the staff work out of our office in Wayland, MI, but we are open to having you work from your home office no matter where that may be in the US. This would enable you to earn exceptional living in the comfort of your home. You must have a reliable computer, high-speed internet, and unlimited telephone calls for that option.

If you’re not self-motivated, please do not even contact us. If you’re looking to fill your unemployment quota, please don’t waste our time. The right candidates can build an empire within our progressive organization.

This is a legitimate sales position that generates real income. You should be making money in the next two weeks. Humbly, we’ll confess….we have more opportunities than we can get to, even our CEO is making sales calls. That pain is driving the need for more sales talent. We need people to pick up the phone and make money, follow up on warm leads, go after key accounts, and get into organizations.

The main product focus is a globally known brand name that virtually sells itself! Being familiar with the automotive and tool industry is a plus.

Are you ready to finally get what you deserve in this world based on your own abilities and convictions? If so, apply for this job, and we will contact you to schedule a pre-screening time that fits within both of our schedules. The Pre-Screen conversations last approximately 10 minutes; some are longer, some are much shorter. Feel free to include your resume, but a perfect resume is not what we are looking for – it is talent, and that is obvious pretty quickly.

We are looking forward to speaking with top producers and superstars only!

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